The story behind Cloud Classroom.

Created for students, by students.

Our Story

Our Story

"Knowledge is the currency of the future."

In the early summer of 2020, our team founded Cloud Classroom with dreams of creating an all-inclusive, nonprofit educational platform that makes high-quality academic resources and opportunities available to motivated K-12 students during the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown by connecting qualified volunteers and teachers to young scholars.

We have built and continue to build a community of students and instructors—regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic divide, etc.—through leveraging cloud technologies to deliver a wide variety of interactive, educational classes and opportunities online, thus creating a vibrant, accessible educational platform available to all young people who yearn for learning.  

Now, we continue to foster and extend close relationships within our team, volunteers, and students online and in-person, and provide specialized support and opportunities to regions in need.

The Mission Behind Cloud Classroom

1. Make Education Accessible

As a nonprofit organization, Cloud Classroom stands by the idea that knowledge and opportunity should be accessible to every individual, regardless of socioeconomic standing. We strive to equip our students with the resources and knowledge they need before opening a door that allows these young explorers to begin navigating the modern world independently.

2. Help you Grow

We know how interesting and important it is for students to not only earn academic skills but also to experience the real-world impacts their knowledge and their work could bring to their fellow learners. Incredible opportunities are made possible through our broad network of qualified instructors for current students and  partnerships and instructor "alumni" for current volunteers.

3. Grow a Community

We maintain active classes and facilitate frequent student-instructor communications to enrich the collective educational experience we provide.
In addition, each course has its own dedicated group for students and parents to communicate with each other regarding class content.
Note: We are launching a Discord server soon!

Meet Our Team

Elizabeth Zhao

Founder & Chairwoman

Jessie Chen

Co-Founder & President

Lero Wang

Vice President of Communuity Service

Ethan Hu

Vice President of Technology

Tiana Wang

Co-Founder & Vice President of Marketing

Jonathan Wang

Regional Director, South East of USA

Rena Wang

Co-Founder and College Advisor

Omar Wahby

College advisor

Ruikuan Zhu

Director of Technology Incubation